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Virginia families are working harder than ever. Productivity has increased, but for most families, wages are flat and have not kept up with rising costs. With family budgets stretched thin, the answer for most families is more work—longer hours, multiple jobs, and less time to invest in ourselves and the people we love.

Virginia needs a family friendly economy. It shouldn’t be so expensive to live and raise a family here.

When hardworking families are able to provide for themselves and trust that their children are well cared for, they are more likely to stay in the workforce, are more productive in their jobs, and stay in their jobs longer. That’s why the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy is fighting for smart policies that invest in our families and make our communities stronger. Because we’re all better off when everyone has the tools to build a better life for themselves and our families.

Let’s honor honest, hard work and put families first in Virginia. It’s the right thing to do.

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