Virginia families are working harder than ever.

When the coronavirus hit, over 32 million people in the U.S. didn’t have access to a single paid sick day. We are one of the only countries in the world where welcoming a new child, taking care of an aging parent can cost you your pay or your job.

We need paid family and medical leave to be there for the ones we love, especially during a national health crisis. Add your name to say that Virginian workers deserve better.

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Virginia Families Need a Family Friendly Economy

Whether you’re a small business owner in Richmond, a school teacher in Fairfax or a nurse in Blacksburg, everyone in our state should have the tools to build a good life. But right now, the economy only works for the wealthy instead of hardworking families — and too many of us are falling behind. Here are some of our stories.

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Our Agenda

Our economy should work for working families, not just the wealthy. In this Family Friendly Economy, hardworking people would have more time and money to invest in themselves and the people they love. And Virginia businesses could attract the best employees.

We can make considerable progress on these issues this year. You can help make that happen.